Is it worth 6/4 that this will happen?

Is it worth 6/4 that this will happen?

Could the AAA rating be lost?

There’s been lots of talk about the possibility of Britain losing its triple A credit rating and there’ve been dire forecasts of the consequences of such a decision.

But just how likely is it? What do we think of the new PaddyPower betting market?.

The firm is offering 6/4 against the possibility that Great Britain to lose its AAA Rating before Jan 31st 2010. The bet will be settled according to the assessment of Moodys.

I can’t read this but if there is going to be a reaction then maybe it would come within the designated timetable.

The critical element is the level of international confidence in the country’s ability to make the hard choices that are going to be necessary.

Tory supporters are arguing that the one thing that’s keeping the AAA level at the moment is the prospect of a change of government. If that is the case then the greater the uncertainty over the election result might have an impact.

One thing’s for sure – it’s a damn site easier being like me, an observer of the political process, than being a player.

Mike Smithson

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