Tory YouGov lead moves up 3 to 13 pc

Tory YouGov lead moves up 3 to 13 pc

CON 40%(39)
LAB 27%(29)
LD 18%(19)
OTHERS 15% (13)

Will this ease the jitters in Camp Cameron?

ConservativeHome is reporting the above shares for a YouGov poll for tomorrow’s Sunday Times. The changes shown are with the last survey from the pollster NOT the last one in the Sunday Times.

The shares are a marked change on the 10 percent lead in the Telegraph last Saturday but the changes are all within the margin of error.

Having said that there will be real disappointment within Labour that after the recent improvements they are moving back while the Tories are once again in the 40s.

So much of the mood at the moment and the media narrative is being driven by the polls and this might just calm some of the jitters in the Tory camp.

It’s hard to read to much into it and Brown Central must be hoping for better things after next week’s PBR.

There’s reported to be an ICM poll on the way as well.

UPDATE: But with ICM the Tories are down 2

CON 40% (42)
LAB 29% (29)
LD 19% (19)
OTHERS 13% (10)

The changes here are with the Guardian November poll where the fieldwork was carried out on the same day as the MORI one which had a Tory lead of just 6pc.

Since then no other poll has had figures anywhere near that.

Overall the Tories will be pleased that both polls have them in the 40s with Labour in the 20s.

  • Tomorrow at 10pm I’m doing my monthly slot on BBC Radio 4’s “The Westminster Hour” reviewing the latest polling.
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