Which way is MORI going to go next?

Which way is MORI going to go next?


Can you predicts its next set of numbers?

I don’t think that there’s been a poll in recent times that has had such an impact on the media narrative that the November Political Monitor from Ipsos-MORI.

Even though it’s now four days since it was published and nearly a week and a half since the fieldwork close the general election outcome that it suggested is still being mulled over by “serious” commentators.

So what do you think the pollster is going to come up with next? Will it be more of the same, a Labour lead or even Brown’s party heading back to the 18% share that Ipsos-MORI had in May 2009?

For guidance I’ve reproduced the “form-book” above from UKPollingReport.

What will the next Ipsos-MORI national voting intention poll show?
LAB lead
CON – LAB level pegging
CON lead 1-5%
CON lead 6-9%
CON lead 10 – 15%
CON lead 16 – 20%
CON lead 21% or more

Mike Smithson

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