PB Angus Reid poll has Labour down to 22pc

PB Angus Reid poll has Labour down to 22pc

CON 39%(38)
LAB 22%(25 24)
LD 21%(20)
OTHERS 18% (18)

Labour only one point ahead of the Lib Dems

There’s a new Angus Reid Strategies poll exclusively for PB and it shows a very different picture from the Ipsos-MORI survey that was published in the Observer yesterday.

The fieldwork for this 2,000 sample online poll started on Friday and only finished today. It had not been the plan to release it early but given all the attention there is being given to polling at the moment we have decided to publish it tonight.

The detailed data will not be available until later on tomorrow.

In common with all the other UK pollsters apart from MORI Angus Reid takes steps to ensure a politically balanced sample by asking respondents what they did last time.

A anotrher difference between this and MORI is the timing – the survey closed only a few hours ago.

Yet again there is a high figure for “others” – something that has been seen in a lot of recent polls.

  • A special thanks to Andy Morris and his team at Angus Reid Strategies for all they’ve done to get this out tonight.
  • Mike Smithson

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