Will this 2001 idea stop the Tory surge?

Will this 2001 idea stop the Tory surge?

What do we think of Labour’s new ad?

The Daily Mirror is reporting that the above is the latest from the Labour campaign team designed to impede the Tories.

If you get a sense that you’ve seen something like this before then you have. Take something current from the world of show-biz and then create parodies based on leading opposition figures.

Thus compare the idea with this campaign poster from 2001:-

If worked, of course, the election before last but how will this play in a modern context? For the big theme is to warn of the dangers of letting the other lot in as a counter, no doubt, to the mood that’s been shown in one poll after another of the desire for change.

What Labour desperately needs is a big idea that underlines what they are about – something that gets over the core philosophy of their beliefs and values

Attack ads like this might have worked in the past but they look so out of date in the current climate. Their communications seem to fall down when then they try to go on the offensive and I think that the message from this latest ad is that Labour has no real idea how to fight the coming campaign.

Mike Smithson

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