Will Brown’s “serve full term promise” help his chances?

Will Brown’s “serve full term promise” help his chances?

Daily Record

And what about his election “tip”?

Interesting interview with Gordon Brown in the Daily Record this morning.

The paper reports: “.DEFIANT Gordon Brown yesterday insisted Labour CAN upset the odds and win the next general election..The Prime Minister said he was still “the man for the job” and is convinced that when the country comes out of recession, voters will return Labour to power for a historic fourth term..If he is re-elected to Downing Street, Brown pledged to serve as PM for the full parliament – but refused to be drawn on when he would eventually quit.”

It’s absolutely right for any party leader to be making confident predictions of success. How will the troops be motivated if the man at the top thinks that the task is impossible? So you can’t criticise him on that score.

Where he might have made a mistake is in the “serve full term” comment. For what he is saying is that a vote for Labour means at least four more years of him in charge which might put things into focus.

Maggie Thatcher was always criticised for suggesting that she would go on and on and of course Tony Blair told all in 2005 that his plan was to serve the full parliament. Look what happened to both of them.

Given the awful approval ratings that Brown is getting then this comment might just be another gift to the Tories. “Vote for us or you’ll get five more years of him”.

On the overnight thread it was noted that if the election does take place on May 6th then in exactly 26 weeks time we’ll be glued to our TV sets watching the results come in. That period does not seem long.

Mike Smithson

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