Is this going to be the final nail?

Is this going to be the final nail?

And is it made worse by the decision on Jacqui?

Almost all the front pages this morning are devoted to the second eruption of the MPs expenses scandal and, in particular, the focus on Mr. Brown.

We wait to see whether the further inquiries of Cameron will produce bad headlines for him but for the moment the fact that the PM is going to have to pay a slab of money back is not going to help his chances of re-election.

All this has been made worse by the juxtaposition with the Jacqui Smith decision who yesterday apologised to the house but won’t have to pay anything back.

From a simple perspective does not that make Brown’s position even worse? For Jacqui bore the brunt of the first wave of this scandal and in straight monetary terms at least the comparison does not look good.

We’ll have to see how all this polls but my sense is that this is not good for Mr. Brown.

I’m extending my “sell” position in the SportingIndex “Gordon Brown days” market. This is currently pointing to a mid-March exit from Number 10 – I wonder whether this could bring it forward.

How he must rue the day that he decided to set up the Legg investigation for he has become a victim of his own strategy.

Mike Smithson

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