ComRes: Labour would do better with anyone but Brown

ComRes: Labour would do better with anyone but Brown

CON 38%(-2) LAB 23%(-1) LD 23%(+2)

And the LDs draw level after their conference

A new poll for the Indy from ComRes tonight has further good news for the Lib Dems following their conference last week. They move up to 23% and are now at the same level as Labour – something that won’t bring much cheer to delegates in Brighton.

The trends are very similar to the other recent polls – Lib Dems up with the Tories and Labour down.

This follows the established pattern for post-conference polls when the party that has just been showcased tends to get a boost.

An interesting feature is that ComRes asked how people would vote with different leaders and the news is not good for Brown. The Tories do better and Labour does worse with the PM there.

This is the list from ComRes which will go down like a lead balloon in Brown Central.

What concerns me about the questioning is how the figure for “others” increases as you put other names before those being interviewed.

I also think that many of these responses are nothing more than a test of name recognition. Jack Straw is the best known of the group so he comes out best. Who but political anoraks have heard of Jon Cruddas?

Whether this poll will make any difference I don’t know. The party does not appear to have the stomach for change.

Mike Smithson

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