Was this the story the twittering was all about?

Was this the story the twittering was all about?


Have the Telegraph editors lost their sense of proportion?

If you had been following the PB thread last night and had monitored other political blogs then you’d have thought that the political world as we know it was about to come to an end. I was being texted and called with the news that something “very big was going to break”.

The story came out at 10pm and looking at how the paper has treated it you would have thought that they had the scoop of the year. Well they did – but that was nearly six months ago.

Having read the piece I guess that my response was the same as many – so what? Who cares any more?

The expenses story was big during the run-up to the June 4th local and Euro elections but after that it simply lost its potency. Quite a few MPs have had their careers shortened, we had the Norwich North by election and Speaker Martin took an early bath. But then..?

To be told that this was leaked by someone annoyed by armed services cuts doesn’t really add anything and will have almost no political impact.

Mike Smithson

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