It’s almost no change with YouGov

It’s almost no change with YouGov

CON 41 (+1) LAB 27 (nc) LD 17 (-1)

Tories up one – LDs down one

The striking consistency of national Westminster voting intention polls that we’ve seen all summer has continued with the latest YouGov survey for the Sunday Times. Tories up one the Lib Dems down one is the sum total of the movement – all within the margin of error.

The online pollster has been showing the biggest Labour shares of all the firms during the past few weeks and that has continued.

The big picture is that the weeks remaining before the general election are ticking away and Labour are still in the 20s – with the Tories in the 40s. These are numbers that will lead to a big Tory majority.

Another YouGov poll this evening, reported in the News of the World, doesn’t appear to have voting intention number but its findings will add further to the woes of Brown Central.

According to the paper “the survey for the policy exchange showed that 29% of people trusted the Tories most to deliver value for money on public services, compared to 19% who favoured Labour. To another question 26% trust the Tories most to provide the best quality public services, compared to 23% for Labour.”

This, of course, will be the big battleground.

Mike Smithson

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