Lib Dem set-back in new Scottish YouGov poll

Lib Dem set-back in new Scottish YouGov poll

You has the SNP continuing to progress

One thing that the release by the SNP government of the Lockerbie bomber has sparked off is a spate of Scottish polling and most of it has been carried out by YouGov.

The latest numbers, which I am told are a PB exclusive, focus not on views of the decision to release the mass murderer but the latest on voting intentions for the next Scottish parliament elections in 2011. The poll was commissioned by the SNP and I am told that no Westminster voting question was put.

These are the figures with comparisons on the last YouGov Scottish poll just a week ago.

Holyrood Constituency:
CON 16%(nc): LAB 28%(+1): LD 14%(-2): SNP 36%(+2)
Holyrood Regional:
CON 17%(+1): LAB 26%(nc): LD 12%(-4): SNP 30%(nc)

Although the movements are small this is second YouGov poll in succession where the SNP has made progress. At the end of August their shares were 33% constituency and 27% regional.

What I find odd is the apparent massive drop, outside the margin of error, in the Lib Dem constituency share, all of this happening in just a few days.

Mike Smithson

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