PB could be getting its own exclusive poll

PB could be getting its own exclusive poll

Will “we” end up with getting the best prediction?

Discussions are taking place on a plan that would give me something that I have always wanted for the site – a regular monthly poll of voting intentions carried out exclusively for Politicalbetting.com by a leading polling organisation.

For at the moment we have to rely completely on others and when polls do come out the information that’s available is usually quite limited. Often we have to wait for a few days before the full data is available.

Having our own exclusive poll would solve that problem as well as providing us with a major input in the planning.

We are not quite in a position to make an announcement but I can say that things are being worked on that could be highly innovative and that we might be able to give further details in September. My hope is that the first PB Exclusive poll will be published here in October. The aim, then, would be for a monthly survey until the general election.

Watch the space.

Mike Smithson

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