So he survives – but for how much longer?

So he survives – but for how much longer?

And what about the Euros and now the Norwich by election?

We knew this was going to be one helluva political day and so it has been. Right through the night to Browns late afternoon press conference when news came through of Caroline Flint’s resignation.

There’s an interesting story there that we haven’t heard the last of. She gave Gord a strong endorsement last night just as James Purnell was doing his worst – why just nineteen hours later is she leaving the government?

What is it about Brown and women? There seems to be problem there which has the potential to explode. Flint’s accusation that Brown uses women ministers as “window dressing” is going to stick

And what about the Ian Gibson resignation as an MP and the by election? Another tricky electoral minefield for team Brown to negotiate.

Finally, of course, nobody knows how awful Sunday EU election results are going to be for the party. Looking at the way the local results came out it could be bloody.

Mike Smithson

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