Tonight’s polling news – a 23% share for Labour

Tonight’s polling news – a 23% share for Labour

CON 43(-2) LAB 27(nc) LD 18 (+1)

BPIX for the Mail on Sunday has:-

CON 45 (nc) LAB 23(-3) LD 17 (nc)

It is highly likely that the bulk of the fieldwork for both surveys took place BEFORE the expenses revelations.

The changed shares on YouGov are based on the last survey from the pollster – not the last survey in the Sunday Times. The BPIX poll is in the Mail on Sunday.

We have no Lib Dem shares at the moment.

The next major poll should be from Populus for the Times. Fieldwork for their 1500 sample survey, the largest of any phone pollster, started on Friday and will continue until tomorrow night. The results should be out by about 8pm on Monday evening. This will be the first full survey measuring the impact of “Gravy-Gate”. In April it was C43-L30-LD18.

BPIX, it should be noted, is not a member of the British Polling Council and does not make available its detailed data.

Mike Smithson

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