Let’s salute FOI campaigner, Heather Brook

Let’s salute FOI campaigner, Heather Brook


She’s the one who fought to get the info out

After 24 hours dominated by the MP expenses affair we should not forget the work of the woman whose tireless efforts and sheer tenacity were responsible for getting us to where we are today.

Heather Brook is the one who started the long and difficult process of using the Freedom of Information Act to try to find out the expenses that were being paid. This was no easy battle and it was only her High Court victory for the full disclosure that forced a very reluctant House of Commons to act.

There is no way that we would know how our elected representatives were spending our money if it wasn’t for Heather’s brilliant and often lonely campaign.

If Gordon Brown ever gets to revising his book on “Courage” there ought to be a chapter on her.

  • I’m taking part in a discussion of Radio 5Live art 10pm on the affair.
  • Mike Smithson

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