The April PB General Election Prediction

The April PB General Election Prediction

What do you think the outcome of the next UK General Election will be?
LAB majority
Hung LAB most seats
Hung CON most seats
CON majority: 1 – 25
CON majority: 26 – 50
CON majority: 51 – 75
CON majority: 76 – 100
CON majority: 100 plus

Is Rentoul right about the Brown “dead cat bounce”?

In his weekly column for the Independent on Sunday John Rentoul was very doubtful that the G20 meeting would provide Gordon Brown with the platform for a permanent recovery in the polls. He wrote:

“..Yes, Brown may get an Obama bump in the opinion polls. But it will be weaker than his previous attempts to defy political gravity. The dead cat is proving surprisingly elastic, but it is still dead. The voters have decided, broadly, what they think of him, and it is that he has brought the country to rack and ruin…”

Harsh words but is Rentoul right? What do you think Labour’s chances are now? Are they better oe worse than a month ago when 35% of the PB community who took part in the March poll thought that there would be a CON majority of between 26 and 50 seats with 38% thinking it would be higher tan that.

Whether you post comments on the site or not your views on this welcome. Please indicate your predicted outcome above. Voting will close at 8am on Tuesday morning.

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