But what will the Sundays be leading on?

But what will the Sundays be leading on?

The MP expenses scandal hasn’t gone away

Some great headlines for Gordon this morning but, as they say, today’s newspapers become tomorrow’s fish and chip paper.

And with the mass of data of every single MP’s expenses claims about somewhere, the leaks, and, of course, our friend the Edinburgh South MP in the News of the World, the Sundays papers could be a lot different.

    The London G20 might have gone a long way to “saving the world” but those grubby greedy bast*rds are still getting away with it. How can you control the avarice of bankers if there’s no political will to sort out MPs’ expenses?

Are there any more nasties about like the porn item on the home secretary’s expenses claim? How many of the 71 pictures available will the NOTW show us of the hapless Mr Griffiths and his encounter in his commons office?; and will other cabinet ministers have the finger pointed at them over things they’ve got the tax-payer to fund?

For me the defining moment of the week was the groan from the Labour benches when Cameron made MP expenses his first question on Wednesday. Brown’s move to say wait for the inquiry result didn’t cut the mustard and follows his backing for Jacqui Smith.

It might be that this week will herald a change in the media narrative back to Brown and Labour – but there are a lot of toxic stories about and Jacqui Smith is still home secretary.

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