ComRes has Labour back in the 20s

ComRes has Labour back in the 20s

CON 40(-1) LD 18(+1) LAB 28(-2)

But could there be no votes for Labour in the G20 meeting?

What should be the final poll for March, ComRes for the Indy, is now out and shows a small increase in the Tory lead – although the shares of both the main parties slipped on the last polls from the pollster a week and a half ago.

The notable feature is the high figure for “others” 14% which shows the Greens and SNP on 3% with the BNP on 2%. Only three people in the whole survey said UKIP and they were given a rounded up 1%.

In other questions the poll asked for voters’ views ahead of this week’s G20 meeting there are three findings that might cause concern at Brown Central.

Brown “has the right policies to get Britain out of recession” – Agree 31%: Disagree 58%

Brown “should focus more on finding a domestic solution to the economic crisis than a global one” – Agree 72%: Disagree 22%

I am optimistic that the economy will improve before the end of this year” – Agree 27%: Disagree 70%

So the Tory lead extends and every single poll in 2009 has had Cameron’s party in 40s. Something dramatic needs to happen for this to be turned round and it’s very hard to work out what that, if anything, could be.

Looking at the detail a key factor remains the difference between the parties on “certainty to vote”. Tory supporters records 65%, Lib Dem 63% while only 45% of those saying they were voting Labour were certain to turn-out.

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