Will this add a spring into the steps of Team Gordon?

Will this add a spring into the steps of Team Gordon?


Could Crosby spell trouble for the Tories on June 4th?

A great scoop overnight for ConHome’s Jonathan Isaby suggests that all might not be plain sailing for the Tories in the Euro Election on June 4th – the final major test at the ballots before the general election.

For Lynton Crosby, the Oz campaign Guru who managed Boris successful bid for the London Mayoralty last year, has now been engaged by Libertas – the Irish-funded political party that is planning to field candidates in every part of the EU in June’s elections – including in the UK where they’ll be competing with the Tories. It was Libertas, it will be recalled, that came to the fore in the successful move to stop Ireland signing up to the Lisbon treaty.

The very idea that the man who engineered the Tory victory in London last year could now be working against the party will give a real boost to Labour campaigners up and down the country this morning and will go down like a lead balloon within the Cameron Quartet

For it is possible that the Euro Elections – already a potential disaster area for Labour – could also impede Cameron’s Conservatives as they seek to build momentum for the big one – the general election.

Even if Crosby contribution to the Libertas effort is minimal in UK terms his assignment with the party has totemic significance.

I’m a big fan of Crosby’s campaigning approach. His great phrase when describing his work is that “Message Matters Most” – something that I totally agree with. There’s little doubt that there’s now the potential for the Libertas proposition to be distilled into something that’s easily remembered that could resonate across Europe. His arrival adds a whole new dimension to the June battles.

The Tories will have painful memories of how five years ago UKIP, fuelled by a seven figure donation from a Yorkshire multi-millionaire, caused it so much damage in the June 2004 elections. Could the same thing happen with Libertas?

It would be great if there as EU election betting. Come on Shadsy!

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