Would a Nobel Prize boost Labour’s prospects?

Would a Nobel Prize boost Labour’s prospects?

How would Dave deal with the Economics Nobel Laureate?

There’s a story running in Italy today and quoted by the Evening Standard, that the Vatican’s favourite economist, Ettori Gotti Tedeschi. is calling for this year’s Nobel Prize for Economics to be given to Gordon Brown.

According to Paul Waugh in the Standard: “Tedeschi -a fervent Catholic with five children, professor of economics at the Catholic University of Milan and president in Italy of Banco Santander – has told La Repubblica that he is hugely impressed with Brown’s moral fibre. In particular, he claims that Brown has adopted one of his own ideas – that the world’s rich nations should form a “good bank” that pumps cash to the poorest nations – as set out in the Vatican’s newspaper L’Osservatore Romano. The good professor, who has for the past year been the economic commentator for the Pope’s newspaper, says that Brown’s ideas are so powerful that …“I urge that Gordon Brown be nominated for the Nobel prize in economics.

The implications of this are breath-taking and could have an impact on Labour’s chances at the general election. For a key part of Brown’s platform has been based on the international view of his actions. For this to be endorsed and validated with a Nobel Prize could become a dominating issue of the campaign.

I’ve no idea of knowing how influential Tedeschi is but even the suggestion that Brown is being considered could have an impact.

This might not be very good news for Cameron.

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