The Tories down 3 points with YouGov

The Tories down 3 points with YouGov


CON 41(-3) LAB 31(-1) LD 15(+1)

But there’s still a double digit lead?

The Daily Telegraph’s YouGov survey for February is just out and as predicted on the previous thread is showing a 10 point Tory lead.

The changes are all within the margin of error though they do offer a spot of comfort to Labour. Interestingly the best poll findings for Brown’s party are coming from the on-line pollster at the moment and the margin is the smallest that we’ve seen since mid-January.

Quite why the YouGov methodology should be putting the firm’s shares in this position is hard to say. Their weighting structure is much more pro-Labour than the other pollsters but generally that does not seem to have an impact.

So with the Tories still in the 40s with a double digit lead, Labour seeing its deficit down a touch and the LD number going up there’s something for all the parties.

It will be recalled that during the Brown bounce in September 2007 YouGov had some of the best polls for Labour.

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