Has Gord won the Euro-Obama race?

Has Gord won the Euro-Obama race?

BBC News online

Has Gord slipped in ahead of Angela and Nicholas?

One of the speciality betting markets that was opened on January 20th – the day of Obama’s inauguration- was which of Europe’s Big 3 leaders would be first to get a face to face meeting.

Brown was favourite and if tonight’s announcement is anything to go by then Brown backers look set to win.

But could there be something from Sarkozy or Merkel in the background that hasn’t been announced yet?

We don’t know. My money was on Sarkozy who was the 3/1 outsider. I’m hoping that he can sneak something in first.

No doubt Brown Central will play this for all its worth but they’ve got to get the tone right in case it all look unseemly.

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