But there’s relief for Gordon from YouGov

But there’s relief for Gordon from YouGov

LABOUR 32% (nc)
LIB DEMS 14% (-2)

And the online pollster has the LDs going down

So the second of tonight’s polls is now out – YouGov for the Sunday Times – and is showing a very different picture from the ComRes survey announced earlier and the previous ICM and Populus polls.

The telephone pollsters – ICM, Populus and ComRes had all reported increases in the Lib Dem shares and Labour in the 20s. YouGov has the party still in the 30s. Which one is right? We don’t know and we’ll have to see what the next poll up, likely to be Ipsos-MORI, comes up with.

Clearly it is a night for the 2nd Golden Polling Rule?

No doubt Labour will go with what was the previously “hated” YouGov – remember how less than a year ago they were attacking the firm’s methodology during the London mayoral race?

The Lib Dems will be cheered by Comres and will say what they always say about YouGov – “the online pollster is unreliable when it comes to their share”; and the Tories will be happy to see their lead extending with both.

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