What’s this supposed to be all about?

What’s this supposed to be all about?

Whose going to be convinced that Labour now gets it?

I’ve played this brief YouTube piece by John Prescott several times and I’m none the wiser. What’s the point of it? Why is Labour going to all this trouble to prove that that somehow the party understands and is fully embracing the new media?

My guess is that it’s is in response to a growing feeling within the movement that this is an area where Labour lags behind the Tories. So what Prescott is doing here is to try to show that they are in the forefront in the hope of maintaining spirits within the membership.

The fact that it is painfully obvious they there aren’t is irrelevant. This is a classic case where being seen to be active is more important than whether it’s effective.

Labour seat numbers betting for the next general election.

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