Should Gord be more than “very angry” about bonuses?

Should Gord be more than “very angry” about bonuses?

Has he let Cameron in with an opening?

One of the features of depression-hit recession-hit Britain is that anybody who is thought to be getting away with it financially, particularly if it’s with taxpayer’s money, is vulnerable to attack.

Jacqui Smith and her housing allowance was in the firing line yesterday and that story continues to rumble today.

Now the focus is on the bank bosses – especially the bonuses at RBS where billions of pounds of taxpayers money has had to be pumped in and bonuses of £1 billion are due to be paid. Whatever the rights and wrongs this is huge one to explain.

According to a BBC report “Prime Minister Gordon Brown is “very angry” about proposed bank bonuses and wants bankers to consider waiving their right to them, his spokesman has said.

Maybe the Prime Minister needs to be more than “very angry”. This is great ammunition for the opposition – particularly the Tories who were being damaged by Brown’s “do nothing” attacks and Cameron was raising the temperature this morning.

Also the Tories are setting up an “economic recovery committee”. This is made up of members of business leaders, including ex-Vodafone boss, Christopher Gent, and Sir Peter Middleton.

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