Will the weekend see “Erminegate – The Sequel”?

Will the weekend see “Erminegate – The Sequel”?

Are we being prepared for more revelations?

Ever since the Sunday Times came out with its “££££ for laws” revelations last Sunday the paper has been acting as thought it had other material in the pipeline.

First, it will be recalled, there was the sound recording of the conversation with one of the peers – that was released on Monday. Now, this afternoon, we have a video that was secretly shot of a second peer which is up on the SkyNews web-site. It’s well worth looking at.

    Both have been dramatic and take the story forward. So what can we expect this weekend? You don’t usually create this sort of build-up unless there is something more.

It will be recalled that other scandals revealed by the paper went on over several editions – not just one – so it would be surprising if the same does not happen here.

Whatever it’s going to add to the jumpiness in Downing Street at a time when they must be on edge anyway.

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