Time to take the 15/8 on Sarah Teather in Brent Central?

Time to take the 15/8 on Sarah Teather in Brent Central?

How will this affect Dawn’s re-election chances?

As we’ve discussed before here one of the most interesting constituency battles in in Brent Central in north-West London where because of boundary changes two women MPs are fighting to stay in parliament.

Five and a half years ago, in a political environment dominated by the Iraq War aftermath and the death of David Kelly the Lib Dem, Sarah Teather, beat off a fierce Labour onslaught to take Brent East in a by election. Two years later she held onto the seat in the general election.

So how are the two women’s chances going to be affected by the awkwardly written note on House of Commons notepaper which Dawn Butler put on her website only to take it down this morning after it featured on Iain Dale?

    It was probably quite a smart move by the Brent South MP – I guess she submitted the unsigned note to Obama’s team and his signature was put on – probably by the wonderful AutoPen machine. But given that she went to all that trouble why draft it in such a cack-handed way?

Even worse she got the spelling of Obama’s first name wrong on the web-page. And why take it down when bloggers start taking the mickey?

Brent Central was always going to be a dirty fight – Dawn has now provided the ammunition to make it even dirtier.

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