Tories move to 13% lead with YouGov

Tories move to 13% lead with YouGov

LABOUR 32% (-2)
LIB DEMS 14% (-1)

Is Cameron moving back to landslide territory

After the Populus poll earlier in the week that had the Tories back with a double digit lead over Labour the latest YouGov survey, for the Sunday Times, is reporting a four point shift to the party in a week and a half and a decline in the Labour share.

    This will be hugely disappointing for Labour who had thoughts that their “Do Nothing Tories” attack was resonating.

The Tory leader has been quite prominent in the media in recent days and as I have long argued here – the more that he is on TV the better his party’s poll ratings seem to be.

Later we should get the ComRes poll for the Indy on Sunday.

I tried to place some spread bets this evening – selling Labour. Alas both the major spread markets were suspended.

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