Would LabourList ever do this to Gord?

Would LabourList ever do this to Gord?

Who’ll visit if it’s just sycophantic?

I’m sure that it’s not just Tory and Lib Dem supporters who’ll take to the latest creation from PB’s cartoonist, Marf. More often than not she hits the nail right on the head and I’m sure, brings a smile to those supporting the politicians she is making fun of. Today’s is an absolute cracker.

The great thing about PB, and other leading blog sites, is that we are often quirky, independent and beholden to no political faction. If you want to see criticism of Tory leader, David Cameron, then the first place to start is CONservativehome. It’s founder and driving force, Tim Montgomerie has a very individual view of what his party should stand for and he pulls no punches on his site.

    Yet will we be able to say the same of Labour’s latest creation – LabourList which is being run by the often controversial party figure – Derek Draper?

He’s had a big part in the whole NuLab project and there’s no doubt that he’s 1000% committed to seeing Gordon Brown win a fourth term for Labour at the next general election.

And therein lies the problem – his site, based on the first few days at least, just seems to be for cheer-leaders. The top story that’s been running for at least a day has a long quote from Brown about the latest Tory ad campaign. It then kick off its commentary with “Gordon is right”.

    What would LabourList have been saying last July when David Miliband launched his quarter-hearted attempt to get the leadership on the agenda? On CONhome, in similar circumstances, there’s be huge debates with all factions represented. The Draper approach, one assumes, would be to pour bucket loads of manure onto the Foreign Secretary.

For LabourList to have a meaningful role it should follow the independent model. If it doesn’t then it’s hard to see it developing a big and involved audience.

  • More of Marf’s work can be viewed at LondonSketchbook.com.
  • UPDATE: Derek Draper has post a response to the thread at comment 274.

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