Is it worth betting on a ZERO interest rate?

Is it worth betting on a ZERO interest rate?

What about 3/1 that it will be 0% during the year?

With the bank rate hitting its lowest ever level in more than three centuries since the Bank of England was founded there’s now some betting interest on where this is all going to.

William Hill’s are offering odds of 3/1 that the Rate will hit 0% at some stage during 2009. This is available online – but like other political markets from the firm you won’t be able to bet overnight.

The firm is also offering odds on what the bank rate will be at the end of the year. It’s 7/2 that it will still be at 1.5% on the final day of the year; 2/7 that it will be lower than that; 7/1 that it will be higher. At the moment this market does not appear to be online but I am assured that it soon will be.

    I quite like the 7/1 that the rate will be higher than 1.5% – looks quite a value bet if you think that the government’s measures will start to work.

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