Will there be votes for Labour in this?

Will there be votes for Labour in this?

Or will be look ridiculous in the middle of a crisis?

While we wait for possible polls to come out tonight the previous thread has seen its course and I thought we ought to have something else up – and that is this piece from the Belfast Telegraph about Peter Mandelson, a former Northern Ireland secretary.

It’s Christmas. People do silly thing but is James Forsyth of the Spectator CoffeHouse blog correct when he suggests that “..the risk is that he’ll be seen to be tangoing while the economy crashes.”

Certainly I think it exposes Mandelson’s biggest weakness – his desire to be at the centre of attention. The pictures from his performance could be in stark contrast to the plight of those who are losing their jobs this Christmas or those who are facing the New Year with real worries about the future.

You can see George Osborne’s mind working now – “while Mandy danced …the country sank. Labour’s Titantic moment”. All good stuff.

Mike Smithson

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