But ComRes has the Tories up 4% to 43%

But ComRes has the Tories up 4% to 43%

LABOUR 32% (+1)
LIB DEMS 12% (-4)

How can we explain the contradictory findings?

So what are we to make of all of this. First we get the YouGov poll covered in the previous thread where the Tory lead is down to 5%. Then we see the latest ComRes poll for the IoS which reports a Tory share of 43% and a lead of 11%.

My guess is that a much larger proportion of the ComRes fieldwork took place after the Baby P row hit the headlines than with YouGov – but who really knows.

We should get another poll in the next few days from Ipsos-MORI.

Who’d be a spread-better??

Mike Smithson

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