Is this the end of Gord’s second media honeymoon?

Is this the end of Gord’s second media honeymoon?

Did it go wrong with his evasive PMQ responses?

It’s perhaps hard to recall but just two days ago when the Baby P PMQ row first blew up it was running down towards the bottom of the bulletins. There were several other stories getting the attention and it looked as though Brown might have been able to move on.

Not so today with further revelations about the handling of the case emerging and the Prime Minister having to make statements that there was “no buck-passing” over the case.

    If only he had not misread the public mood so badly? If only he had been able to think on his feet a bit better and agree with David Cameron’s first point about the nature of the inquiry? If only the opposition leader had played his expected role and confine his questioning to the economy.

The crazy thing was that on all the points that Brown was being pressed on his children’s minister, Ed Balls, agreed with, though not in so many words, a few hours later.

As it is now things can be made to look as though the government is being evasive and the story is still running.

It will be interesting to see the public reaction in the next round of opinion polls.

Mike Smithson

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