What’s going to be the long-term affect on our politics?

What’s going to be the long-term affect on our politics?

    Will those in power get the blame or will they be seen as offering stability?

Another week opens with volatility on the stock markets round the world and it’s almost as though this has become the new norm. We seem to be getting used to it and it isn’t quite dominating the headlines and bulletins in the way that it was.

But what’s going to be the impact on political structures and the political process? Are, for instance, we going to view the role of the state differently given it’s massive state intervention that’s kept the system going? A hard call.

    Are we going to blame those who were in power and who allowed all this to happen? If the polls are anything to go by then American people will be doing just that next week. But what about the UK – will Brown continue to get the credit for providing an initial solution or will be get the blame?

Are we going to see a new sort of politician along the Barack Obama model? Someone who is cerebral, calm and considered, who doesn’t get riled and appears to be so much in control? Is there a UK equivalent? It’s hard to think of one.

The world has certainly changed but we don’t yet know how.

  • Our cartoon, as ever, is by Marf who is now back from Canada. It was produced for LondonSketchBook.com and by special agreement is also used on PB. Thanks again Marf – we have missed you.
  • Mike Smithson

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