Is early voting adding to the McCain nightmare?

Is early voting adding to the McCain nightmare?

For those obsessed with election numbers there’s a new source which I have put in the links bar on the right – the progress that is being made on early voting.

In some states quite a lot of information is being made available including the numbers of registered Democrats and registered Republican party voters who have already turned out. The numbers look very good for Obama – reinforcing his continued solid leads in the polls.

With this becoming such a forgone conclusion we are fast running out of betting interest. My main commitment is a electoral college vote buy position on Obama now averaging 320.

The overall turnout could be an interesting bet – I think it’s going to be high but there has been some confusion on how it’s measured. When Ladbrokes initially put this up the bet was on the proportion voting of the estimated adult population – not the proportion of those registered.

Finally there’s a special offer on my book – “The Political Punter – how to make money betting on politics”. Sporting Index have agreed that anybody who opens an account with them through PB and places a bet before the US Election can have a free copy of the book.

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Mike Smithson

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