Will the Bush move add to the Brown renaissance?

Will the Bush move add to the Brown renaissance?

    How will the Tories attack “the man who saved the world“?

This afternoon’s announcement by President Bush that the US government is to spend $250m buying stakes in troubled banks provides further ammunition for those who are trying to turn round Gordon Brown’s reputation and standing. For this is along the lines of what Britain has done and, no doubt, in a very short time it will be called “the Brown plan”.

What greater validation, it will be argued, can there be of the actions that the UK has taken than for the same broad model to be adopted in the US?

This is good stuff for Team Brown and will further add to the remarkable renaissance that we have seen. The spinners that occupy Number 10 have never been known to hold back on the hyperbole and the story from henceforth will get developed even more.

    The real danger for the Tories in the coming days are the next set of polls. Given the wall-to-wall coverage and the way Brown’s role is being presented it’s possible that we could see Labour’s deficit move into single figures. And then the talk will be of a hung parliament and not a Tory majority.

For one of the great benefits that Cameron has enjoyed in recent months has been being seen as the “Prime Minister in waiting“. Once that gloss starts to fade then there’s a danger that other challenges could emerge.

The Glenrothes by election is going to be crucial for all parties. Brown will be campaigning there himself – thus increasing the stakes. Latest by election betting.

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