Is Gord looking too pleased with himself?

Is Gord looking too pleased with himself?

    Should he avoid appearing as though he is enjoying the crisis?

After all he has gone through in the past twelve months you can perhaps forgive Brown for feeling a sense of relief that he has now an issue to deal with that apparently plays to his strengths.

But is he looking too pleased with himself? He appears to be enjoying the crisis just a little bit too much. Isn’t there a danger that his demeanour might be seen as not being appropriate for the times the country is going through and the very real worries that millions of people have?

Ben Brogan in his Mail blog writes:“..After today one of his mates might like to start whispering “momento mori” in his ear whenever he starts looking like he’s enjoying himself. The Tories certainly hope the voters will notice that the architect of the “Age of Irresponsibility” is rubbing his hands with a bit too much relish. Two things now threaten Mr Brown: recession and reshuffle. Economic pain will shape the views of voters in ways we cannot yet fully know. And there is still much to play out from the changes of last week, which seem a lifetime ago. The economic crisis has masked the fact that this Government now looks like the Sopranos. Bad blood is inevitable.”

Whether this will affect voters’ view of Labour we shall have to wait and see. One little finding in this week’s Populus poll just out today ought to worry him.

Nearly two thirds of those questioned felt it “was time for change” and of even more concern 47% of Labour voters from 2005 shared this view.

Mike Smithson

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