So is the bail-out vote the end of the story?

So is the bail-out vote the end of the story?

Could this now help McCain?

Throughout the day all eyes will have been on this Washington building where an hour or so ago the House of Representatives voted to approve the $700bn bail-out plan. This will certainly bring confidence back to the markets which had already discounted the fact that it was going to go through.

But what of the political impact? Will it take the focus off economic matters and if so how is it going to affect opinion particularly in the White House race?

Will it now allow the narrative to move on into territory that could favour John McCain and if so could we see a tightening as we get to polling day on November 4th?

In the UK there’s little doubt that the government has benefited by all the media attention. How long will that now last?

Lots of questions but no answers yet.

Mike Smithson

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