Should an opposition leader be doing this?

Should an opposition leader be doing this?


    Or will the move just highlight the slowness of the government’s response?

In what appears to be a highly unusual move for an opposition leader it’s been announced that David Cameron is to fly out to the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, tomorrow to meet political leaders.

The move seems designed to show solidarity and international support for a government and country that must have felt very isolated in the past few days.

On the domestic front Cameron’s move will highlight the relative slowness of the Government in reacting to the crisis. Gordon Brown only made a public statement after Cameron had done the same.

    Internationally, and not just at home, Cameron is being seen as the next Prime Minister and is being treated as such. The danger for the Tory leader is that he could be seen as going beyond what someone in his position should be doing.

Whatever it creates a problem for Gordon. Does he also make a visit that will look like a copycat move or does he condemn Cameron’s actions?

Watch this space.

Mike Smithson

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