Non-registered pollster gives Labour a 17% by-election lead

Non-registered pollster gives Labour a 17% by-election lead


    But how much can we trust a pollster that’s not in the BPC?

Ben Brogan is carrying a report that a new poll for the Scottish Daily Mail has Labour 17% ahead in Glasgow East. This comes as the campaign goes into its final weekend.

The pollster, Progressive Scottish Opinion, is not listed as a member of the British Polling Council and it is hard from its website to work out what its methodological approach is. We do not know whether the detailed data will be made available in the same manner as pollsters who are BPC members are required to do.

I think it is a disgrace that a paper such as the Scottish Daily Mail should be commissioning polls from a firm that can’t be bothered to join the body that almost all the firms carrying out voting intention surveys belong to. It certainly does not inspire confidence

The shares it is giving are Lab 52%: SNP 35%: CON 7%: LD 3%

Clearly this will impact on the betting.

Mike Smithson

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