Will the SNP be using this picture in Glasgow East?

Will the SNP be using this picture in Glasgow East?


    Could the Thatcher stunt come to haunt Labour?

An alert PB reader has reminded me that last September after Gordon Brown had his historic tea with Baroness Thatcher at Number 10 the SNP said they would use the pictures on their general election leaflets.

Well now in the countdown to Glasgow East is Alex Salmond’s party going to bring this plan forward and are we we going to see pictures like the one above being revived.

    For even the Baroness’s most ardent supporters would admit that the part of the UK where she was least popular was Scotland and within the country, one would guess, that the intensity of the dislike is at its highest in Glasgow.

At the time of the meeting Gordon’s popularity was at its height and the move was seen as device designed to de-stable the Conservatives ahead of their conference.

Meanwhile the PH100 on PoliticsHome – which is grandly described as “Britain’s most authoritative survey of expert and inside political opinion” – is reporting that its members think that Labour will lose. The credibility of this panel would have been higher if it had performed better during the London Mayoral election.

One of best guides is the betting and so far, at least, I’ve not been able to find a market on the contest.

BETTING UPDATE: PaddyPower now have a market up.The SNP is priced at evens which seems a great bet. Labour is 8/11.

Mike Smithson

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