YouGov boost for beleaguered Labour

YouGov boost for beleaguered Labour


    Does this signal that a recovery is on the way?

As we wait for the Henley result there’s some goodish polling news for Labour in the June YouGov poll for the Daily Telegraph.

So the shares with the changes on the last YouGov poll in the Sunday Times twelve days ago are – CON 46%(-1): LAB 28%(+3): LD 15%(-3)

The main move is a 3% fall in the Lib Dem shares and a similar increase in the Labour share. The Tories are down a point so the their lead is now down to just 18%. That 15% shares for Clegg’s party is very close to the 14% seen by BPIX in the Mail on Sunday at the weekend. The fieldwork for that pollster is carried out by YouGov so it’s not surprising that the numbers are in the same ball-park.

Now let’s sit back and see what Henley has to offer.

Please note
that my comparisons are with the last poll from the relevant pollster NOT from the last poll in the paper – this is the standard way of reporting polling numbers on PB.

Mike Smithson

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