Meet really interesting people and have fun

Meet really interesting people and have fun

    Your invitation to Thursday’s PB Summer Barbeque

This Thursday evening on the terrace of the National Liberal Club overlooking the Thames there’s the PB Summer Barbeque. It starts at 6pm. The venue is fabulous and is only a couple of blocks away from the Houses of Parliament. The address is Whitehall Place, London SW1A 2HE.

It will be a pay-on-the-door event (the princely sum of £20 as a contribution towards costs, plus a cash bar) so we do not need people to confirm in advance. That said, indicative numbers are always useful, so feel free to confirm if you can make it in the course of this continuation thread.

The price would have been much higher but for the generous contribution of a PB regular.

Once again I am very grateful to Peter Smith (Peter the Punter) who has handled the organisation and Augustus Carp who is a long-standing member of the NLC.

Mike Smithson

PS – I am hoping that one or two leading figures from the polling industry will be joining us.

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