Will Gordon listen to Alan?

Will Gordon listen to Alan?


    Overnight continuation thread….

The above picture is a screen shot I took from some of the day’s BBC coverage. I don’t know what is going on there but it appears to be quite telling.

Anyway at this time tomorrow night I’ll be on the HotelTrain travelling from Paris to Madrid for a touring holiday in Spain – first port of call Granada. Once again Paul Maggs, assisted by Morus, will be acting as guest editors.

I’m taking my Vodafone dongle with me to plug into the laptop. Provided this works I should be able to make, maybe, a post a day provided we are not travelling.

Because the site is so much busier than it has ever been there will be a lot more continuation threads – simply to manage the traffic when so many people are posting.

Unlike me Paul and Morus have day jobs so please be patient if you find your contributions getting held up in the moderation box.

The past few weeks have been gripping and quite exhausting and I am looking forward to the break.

Mike Smithson

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