Is the Henley by election being planned for June?

Is the Henley by election being planned for June?


    Is Boris’s “goodbye” a sign that the writ is about to be issued?

The above has just gone on the Henley Standard website and suggests that the Tories are going to waste no time in setting the processes in train for an early by election to replace Boris Johnson.

The piece is a “goodbye Henley letter” from the new Mayor which seems to suggest that the by election campaign has already started.

There had been some speculation that he might have wanted to hold on until the general election before resigning his seat. This was what Ken did when he first got elected.

Well this move tonight looks as though there is going to be a by election and it will be quite soon.

Could this be a chance for the Lib Dems who look set to be disappointed in Crewe and Nantwich? It looks a big ask but who knows?

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