“YouGov final poll: Boris by 6%” – PB EXCLUSIVE

“YouGov final poll: Boris by 6%” – PB EXCLUSIVE

    Is Boris about to become the next Mayor?

I have just received information from a source who has proved totally reliable in the past about the YouGov poll that will be published in the Evening Standard tomorrow.

This is the final survey of the campaign and according to the information I have been given Boris is leading Ken 44%-36% on first preferences. After second preferences that becomes 53% to 47%.

The same source has given me advance information about other polls in this campaign which have proved to be accurate. If that had not been the case I would not have published this.

If this is authentic, which I think it is, then it has Ken in a slightly better position compared with last Monday’s poll which had the first preference gap at 11%.

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Mike Smithson

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