Should BBC politics be outsourced to one of these?

Should BBC politics be outsourced to one of these?


    How long are will to have to ensure tedious BBC coverage?

For the last few months I’ve spent an hour or so each day watching the developing story of US election on CNN and on the web-sites of the major networks – ABC, CBS and MSNBC and its been hugely impressive.

The graphics are innovative, the presentation is sharp and most of all the analysis is superb and expertly prepared. Complex situations and stores are presented in an informative and compelling way and the only outsiders who are ever featured are the players themselves or real experts.

Contrast that with the pathetic scenes that we had to endure during the BBC’s budget coverage this afternoon. Almost as soon as the Chancellor had made his statement and Cameron his response we were taken to Gateshead to get the reactions of someone in a restaurant, a pensioner and teacher. It was just embarrassing and a complete waste of time and money. We want the top down view presented in a lucid manner.

The BBC got worse. To find out how this had gone down in the city they had a reporter with a microphone going round a trading floor. Why could not they have set up a tight and informative two minutes with one of the heads of research?

The problem is that the BBC doesn’t get it. It’s not got through to its collective thick head that those who watch this coverage in the middle of the day have a passionate interest in trying to work out what the government is trying to do and what the political and economic impact will be.

Where are the Wolf Blitzers, Tim Russerts or Chuck Todds of British TV? I am sure the talent is here but the bosses haven’t worked out what their programmes should be about.

It doesn’t bode well for the general election coverage.

Mike Smithson

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