Should Gord be using his “big clunking fist”?

Should Gord be using his “big clunking fist”?


Interesting article in the Guardian by the commentator who used to be one of his most enthusiastic supporters, Jackie Ashley.

She believe that Brown is being too timid when it comes to picking fights and concludes: “…unless the prime minister has the courage to pick fights with powerful interests, then it really is all over. Labour’s assessment of the Tories as lightweight and meaningless is quite wrong. Cameron has won his advantage by taking some brave decisions, not by staying in his comfort zone. Brown needs to be open enough to learn too – that in politics sometimes it is better to pick fights and lose them, than not to fight at all. Brown was making jokes about his big clunking fist in Birmingham. What’s really needed is for that fist to drop the piles of briefing papers and to start to swing in anger.”

Mike Smithson

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