Could Gord get away with abolishing PMQs?

Could Gord get away with abolishing PMQs?

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    Would he take a short-term hit for a long-term benefit?

Another Wednesday and another PMQs for Gordon Brown to have to endure. He clearly doesn’t like them and being open every seven days to the fierce blasts that Cameron is able to master cannot be very pleasant.

Ever since a piece appeared in the Indy a couple of weeks ago about Brown’s views of the weekly ritual I’ve been pondering over whether we are being softened up for a proposal to change the structure.

    Maybe they could find a way of blaming Cameron for the need for change because of the way the Tory leader handles the event

The Indy suggested Gordon Brown is telling friends that the public is being increasingly repelled by the event and that the Commons exchanges are now of little use in discussing the issues of the day.

It was emphasised, however, that there were no plans for change. Maybe I am being very suspicious but for Downing street to suggest this makes me wonder whether, indeed plans are being drawn up.

Of course there would be a huge row in the commons and in the media and the Tories would claim that he’s “scared” and “chicken”. But that would eventually blow over and Brown would have taken away the weekly nightmare.

Clearly there would have to be something in it place but, no doubt, something could be devised that sounded fair and reasonable but took away the Opposition Leader’s six questions.

It’s just a thought.

Mike Smithson

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