Peter the Punter takes over PBC Recorded Wagers

Peter the Punter takes over PBC Recorded Wagers

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    Making this work effectively

For some time now Mike has reserved a small corner of for recorded wagers. The idea is that if two posters can agree terms between themselves, they can actually have their bet formalized to the extent that it is recorded here for posterity and for others to view and comment on. The advantages are fairly obvious. The record makes it clear what the terms are and we can all share in the fun of applauding or mocking the judgement of others.

Unfortunately it was all set up on a rather ad hoc basis and Mike’s extensive commitment to running the Site generally meant that he wasn’t able to give this particular little section the attention it needed. The result was that some people thought they had bets they did not and people became unsure as to the right way to record them. Mike has therefore asked me to take over and run the section, which I will be doing as from next Monday.

The aim is to keep it friendly and informal and to provide a small and, I hope, entertaining service. It will work best if we can set out some ground rules though, so here’s a start, with more to follow if and when necessary.

  • 1. Smithson’s Law – In the event of any dispute, what Mike says, goes.
  • 2. Enforcement – There isn’t any enforcement. As punters, you should know that already. Bets are not legally enforceable, but what I can do is advise you whether the counterparty has a record – good, bad or indifferent – of compliance and cooperation. I would imagine most punters will be regular posters and there is unlikely to be much of a problem, Observergate notwithstanding, but if you are unsure, I may be able to help, or obtain advice elsewhere.
  • 3. Record of Bets – This is where I think the Site really can help, simply by offering a place to record the precise terms that were agreed. I can even go one better and advise on the wording, if required. I have a little experience in the area, so I may be able to help iron out ambiguities and ensure the bet is truly finite and covers all reasonable contingencies.
  • 4. Recording procedure – This is simple. When you have agreed the terms of a bet, email me at and I will put the bet up on site, subject to any clarification etc which may be appropriate.
  • 5. Fee – None.
  • 6. Size of bets – This is entirely at the punter’s discretion with no maximum or minimum, although I’d be surprised if amounts much in excess of £20 feature regularly.
  • 7. Arbitration – I am happy to provide a voluntary arbitration service if required, subject of course to the overriding Smithson Law at 1. above.
  • 8. Old, existing bets – I am aware of one or two wagers knocking around that haven’t been formalized yet. Please feel free to notify me, and I will add them to the list going forward.
  • 9. Code of Conduct – Keep it clean, legal and decent, as you would any posts on Site, and I’m sure we’ll all get along fine.
  • Please feel free to let me have any suggestions and of course details of any bets you may already have entered into which you’d like written up.

    All the bets

    Peter Smith (aka Peter the Punter)

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